What is

MyBigIQ is the next generation of pub quiz played by teams and individuals through a neat little keypad called a Quickey™. Have fun taking on others in your local, between locals and as part of a nationwide league.

With many different rounds including TV, Movies, Sport, Food & Drink, Pop Culture, The World and more there's something for everyone. Play on your own or with friends and test your knowledge. Look out for great prizes and join in.

How does
it work?

  • Find a Venue

    Find out where your local MyBigIQ venue is. Sign up online prior to heading over or just turn up a little bit before showtime.

  • Grab a Quickey™

    When you arrive ask the landlord or landlady for a Quickey™ they may ask you for a deposit or small quiz entrance charge.

  • Register Quickey™

    Register your Quickey™ against your team name or yourself. This is what appears on the screens and league tables.

  • Find Some Space

    Find yourself a spot, take a seat or stand and get ready for the MyBigIQ quiz. It’ll start on the screens soon. Be ready…

Who is
it for?

MyBigIQ is a pub quiz for all for all adults from 18 to 80 plus. With professionally crafted questions across many subjects we're confident you'll do well.

  • For Quiz Players

    Play on your own or as part of a team. Show off, have fun and improve your knowledge. Get ready to win fantastic prizes.

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  • For Landlords & Landladies

    Get a professionally crafted quiz delivered regularly to your pub. Increase the number of people through your door with no fuss.

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