The Lion Inn, Manchester, Manchester

A pub based in Manchester...

Welcome to The Lion Inn one of the premier locations in Manchester.This pub may not be signed up to MyBigIQ yet and we'd love them to be. The landlord or landlady can update their photos and add details about their location bringing it to life for those of you who fancy a drink, catch up and potentially some food in Manchester.
Why not come and visit The Lion Inn and enjoy a drink with friends both old and new. We are informed its one of the finest venues in Manchester.
We're sure they've got plenty to go on, serving the locals in Manchester and maybe even further afield.
While you're at The Lion Inn have a chat with the landlord and staff and see if they'd like to try the worlds first nationwide pub quiz system played simultaneously between players and teams in the venue and nationwide. Sign up is simple and you can nominate The Lion Inn simply by pressing the button below.
We look forward to welcoming The Lion Inn to MyBigIQ, if not already!

23-25, Bolton Road,Atherton, Manchester, Manchester, M46 9JG

Tel: 01942887912



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