How does
it work

Playing MyBigIQ is easy. Sign up online before you head to a MyBigIQ venue or register on your phone or tablet on the way. When you’re in the venue you’ll need to ask the bar staff for a small device called a Quickey™.

You can play as a Guest or allocate your Quickey™ to your team or player name on a tablet at the venue or on your own phone or tablet. Once your Quickey™ is allocated find a seat and wait for the MyBigIQ spinner to appear on the screen and we’re off. Enjoy and have a laugh.

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Register today and see your quiz name on the big screen. Enjoy competing against other players and teams to win great prizes. Become a future MyBigIQ champion.

Players and Teams

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pub landlords

Generate extra footfall through an entertaining and professional pub quiz without all the hassle of doing it yourself. Raise your pub's profile nationwide.

MyBigIQ for Landlords