for Quiz Players

MyBigIQ is great quiz created to help bring people into their local pub and enjoy healthy competition between fellow locals, those nearby and further afield. You can play it on your own or as part of a team with the top players getting the chance to win fantastic prizes.

If you’re aged 18 to 80+ there will be a quiz for you. We have different quizzes leagues taking place mornings, afternoons and evenings. With carefully crafted questions by the greatest minds in the business and a system developed by the brightest we’re confident you’ll have fun. Come and join in.


  • Spend time with Friends

    Get into your fantastic local pub, take a drink, maybe some food and catch up while enjoying a quiz.

  • Sharpen your Knowledge

    With professionally set questions across many topics there’s definitely one for you. Join in!

  • Compete around the Country

    Not only are you competing against others in your local, you’re competing against others across the UK.

  • Win Great Prizes & Rewards

    Look out for community as well as individual / team prizes as we rollout across the UK.

do I play?

  • Sign Up Online

    Register on the site as an individual or as a team captain and choose your quizzing name. You’ll see the name on the big screen and get the chance to get freebies.

  • Find a Venue

    We're rolling out across the UK so check to see if we're near you. We have quizzes taking place most days. Arrive early and find a seat.

  • Grab a Quickey™

    Ask the nice bar staff for a Quickey™, you may need to pay a small deposit. Allocate the Quickey™ to you or your team and you’re ready to go.

Where's my nearest

Find a quiz

I have a number of pubs and like the idea of having them competing against each other. I'm planning to run competitions between them. Our managers are expecting to bring new customers in.

Manager, Pub Group, London