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We recognise times are tough for the local and a well run pub quiz can deliver great results. Bring extra people into your venue and enjoy a professionally created quiz with questions by the best in the business. With quizzes for everyone we can help you day after day.

We have different quizzes leagues taking place mornings, afternoons and evenings these are targeted at different audiences to help bring new and old into your venue. Our system is simple and low hassle leaving you more time to focus on your locals and less time sourcing quizzes.


  • Bring New People In

    The pub quiz is a trusted way of bringing people into your venue, we’ll help you bring in more.

  • Little Hassle

    Quizzes are a challenge to create and manage at MyBigIQ we help take that away.

  • Increased Spend

    The longer you have players in your venue the more money they’re likely to spend.

  • Community Awards

    We recognise the pub is an important part of any community. We want to help you do more.

up is easy!

  • Sign Up Online

    Register your pub online and fill in a simple form to get things moving. Expert support is available if required.

  • Simple Installation

    We’ve worked hard to ensure the equipment needed is simple to install. Do it yourself or we can install, no problem.

  • Test & Marketing

    We’ll run some tests to make sure all is working. Once happy we’ll work with you to raise awareness of your quizzes.

  • Run the Event

    You’ll have a few Quickey's™ behind the bar, when its quiz time you’ll need to hand them out to the players to get them started.

You guys have really thought of everything. Can't wait to get started!

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