For Players

Short Code Texts
You can register, allocate your team Quickey and unallocate your Quickey via our text shortcode 64446 Quiz. These texts incur a standard message rate charge which is dependent on your mobile contract. We have no control over how much this might be although we are told this is typically 10p per text. Don't forget you can always use the website www.mybigiq.com or app.mybigiq.com to do all this too.
I've registered but my name is not appearing on screen
If you register a player or team name just prior to or during a quiz your name will not appear on the screen. There are two reasons for this, one we need to do a quick check to make sure the name complies with code of conduct and there is a small delay between approving the name and it appearing on the screen and website. Don't worry though once your name has been approved you'll see it on the screens and website very soon.
Playing Mini Quiz on iPhone 4 or earlier
The MyBigIQ mini quiz can be played on the iPhone 4 or earlier but you will need to download and install the Chrome browser. If you can find a way of getting it to work on the Safari browser we would be delighted to hear from you.
Can I sign up individually and as a team?
Absolutely we would love you to sign up as a team captain and as an individual player. There will be plenty of opportunities to play as either. Play as a team in one of our evening leagues and during the day or afternoon as an individual honing your quizzing skills.
What if my local does not have MyBigIQ today?
MyBigIQ gets better the more locations we have signed up. If you have a local you would like to play in but is not signed up today then please nominate the location through the Find a Quiz page. We will make contact with the Landlord or Landlady and see if they will sign up.
How do you stop people cheating?
With our game the quicker you answer the more points you get so there is little benefit in cheating. You can never really stop anyone from cheating if they are committed to do so but it does not pay to do so in our game.
How do I sign up?
Signing up is easy just register on this site and fill in the form.
Can I play MyBigIQ without being registered?
Yes you can turn up at a MyBigIQ venue and participate in a quiz. You will appear as a Guest on the screen and your scores will not add up during the league season.

For Landlords

What type of TV does MyBigIQ require?
Our content is delivered at high definition so for best results we recommend connecting digitally via HDMi. If this is not possible we can also connect via composite or S-Video connections not a problem. We have tested with projectors, plasma, LCD screens and analogue TVs to ensure MyBigIQ is suitable for almost all locations.
Does the unit need to be left on and how much power does the core unit use?
The core unit needs to be left powered on. It uses approx 2.5 watts which if left on for 52 weeks per year should cost less than 2 per year to run.
Can we just buy some kit and deliver MyBigIQ ourselves?
No unfortunately not. MyBigIQ is based on an integrated computer, software and hardware system. The solution is patent pending with reference GB1320333.6
Does the MyBigIQ system need audio?
All of our quizzes have sound and some questions are read out so either you need to have the TV volume up or have an audio distribution system. The latter usually provides the best outcome.
How frequently do the quizzes run?
It is early days but we expect the quizzes to run morning, afternoon and evening. Leagues and a schedule are shared well in advance.
Does the system need Internet access?
Yes the system needs free access to the Internet. This can be through cable directly to your router or through WiFi. If its connected over WiFi you will need to make sure there is no capture portal.
How simple is this really to install?
We have spent a lot of time getting the solution as close to plug and play as possible. There is a core unit, receiver and power supply. Once connected to your screen or TV distribution system a few more clicks and you are up and running. If you are concerned at all we are here to help. We can even install it all for you if required for a small additional charge.
What do I need to do on a quiz event?
Your screens and audio need to be switched on and you need to make sure the Quickeys are handed out. There needs to be a way of players registering their Quickeys in your venue. We recommend a tablet and can provide a low cost one if required.