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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

By Richard Murray

Pubs help to play a vital role in the community and overall social unit of an area. Pubs are so much more than just a drinking landmark, they are fundamental to a town's identity. The community is based around the pub, with some pubs being well known meeting place and somewhere familiar to all members of the community. For example, Binfield Football club meet at the Stag and Hounds Pub every Thursday for a social gathering and have been doing so for the past 10 years. The reasons for people visiting their local pub go far beyond the desire for a few pints of lager. A pub is a place to unwind after a long week at work, to catch the highly anticipated football match or even to just get out and meet new people. It is probably the first place people will consider to go if they are over 18 and fancy socialising as there is always something to do at the local pub.

The local pub is a place where people of all ages, races, and genders come together and socialise. Pubs tend to have a warm and bubbly atmosphere, which helps to uphold a reputation that the pub will be welcoming to everyone. This helps to promote community spirit in the area as the pub is considered to be safe and friendly.

Pubs, in some cases, can be the catalyst behind community projects such as charity weekends or 5-aside football teams. This highlights how pubs help to bring people together and promote the community as they form a platform for people to meet, create new friendships and discuss similar interests or develop new interests.

Furthermore, pubs can be considered a saviour to community in an era in which technology and the internet is threatening to damage community feel. For example, people prefering to stay at home to play video games instead of going out and meeting people.

This is why in my opinion, it is imperative that this community-creating influence is promoted. Protecting and diversifying pubs and their purpose is likely to further improve the relationship between the local pub and the local community because it will attract more people to pubs, thereby improving the sociability of an area. Moreover, this will improve the quality of life of the people in that area and further create a community feel and reduce the negative affects of social media and unsociability.

In conclusion, the local pub is a fantastic promoter of community togetherness. Additionally, pubs greatly need to continue promoting community and sociability because without them, local areas are at risk of becoming too reliant on technology for entertainment and communication purposes which could lead to further increases in unsociability.