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Latest Community News

  • Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for the Question of the Day #QOTD

    What is the name of this popular character from UK childrens TV?

    26/11/13 22:35

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  • QOTD

    We publish a question of the day every day on Twitter and Facebook under the hashtag #QOTD. There's a real mixture of subjects and here's one from November 24th.

    24/11/13 11:20

  • New Joker Page

    Look out for the Joker page in your local when the quizzes are running. Its a chance to double your scores in one of the rounds. Choose when you play it carefully.

    24/11/13 11:19

  • Interviews to Come

    We sure are keeping busy.

    24/11/13 11:15