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Latest Community News

  • If the doomsayers had their way you'd have thought the pub was a thing of the past. We think different.

    If the doomsayers had their way you'd have thought the pub was a thing of the past. One of those musty, dark, oppressive buildings inhabited by old men huddled over slightly warming beer.

    12/04/15 15:32

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  • Love a Pub Quiz

    If like us you love a good quiz then you'll really love MyBigIQ. It allows you to compete against others in your local and at the same time compete against other nationwide. The local venue tends to sort out local prizes and can sometimes charge to enter. We've seen some locations charge a couple of pound per person and put it all in for winnings. Others charge more but include food as well as significant local prizes. Most people will play in a team of up to six, only the bravest will go on their own and compete against everyone else. If you register your name on the website and allocate your Quickey in the venue you're team name will appear on the screen. You'll also have the chance to compete for great league prizes. As the number of locations grow the leagues prizes will too, exciting times.

    02/04/15 15:32

  • Great Night at The Star and The Peacock

    We were delighted to have a quiz running at both The Star in Hampton Hill and The Peacock in Tenbury Wells. Good fun had by all and some great feedback to help us improve our product further. Looking forward to next time .... very soon

    31/01/14 20:28

  • Pub Quiz at the Clissold Arms, Muswell Hill

    On the 27th January we held a great quiz night at the Clissold Arms, Muswell Hill. Fantastic mixture of teams all getting involved. We'll add more about the event when the pictures arrive with us. Also look out for the winners section.

    28/01/14 15:17