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  • Into the Final Week

    We're heading into the final week of the leagues and with prize money of £100 for the winner, £50 for 2nd and £35 for 3rd its tense. It's going to take a serious move for kevs to trip up, although it can happen! Much closer between 2,3 and 4th and any one of them can change positions with Diesel Lambrettas and AJK potentially getting into the mix. Great to see The Peacock giving The Star some healthy competition. We'll look to add average scores sometime soon to ensure all venues get a chance of scaling the league.

    02/08/14 19:41

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  • New Quickey Test

    Last week we had a but of a challenge with one of our sites not being able to use their Quickeys for two rounds. After a little but of investigation we found a simple reset to the receiver would have corrected this issue. To allow us to identify this issue before it occurs again we have introduced a pre quiz with some questions we are sure you will have the answer to. If not there is not an issue, the scores are not included in the league. Why not check out where your local is to have a go? If there isn't one close to you yet please nominate them and let them know we would love to have them on board.

    28/07/14 22:28

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  • Can You Choose the Right Quiz Answers?

    Why not have a practice before you head to a MyBigIQ quiz. Try our Mini Quiz by clicking the link button below, then share your scores and feel the admiration. Image:Tambako the Jaguar, shared under Creativecommons

    22/07/14 22:31

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  • Weekly Quiz Blog w/e 6th July

    Quiz week 27 saw a staggering new collective high score of 289,947 from all our venues across the UK! This is a monumental score so thank you to everyone who took part in the My Big IQ quizzes that took place last week, a very bright bunch clearly! If you have any suggestions for stats to be included in the Weekly quiz blog then feel free to contact us via the MyBigIQ website!

    14/07/14 08:03

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